Why Choose 100% Stainless Ltd?

Engineered to perfection

100% Stainless Ltd will undertake a full site survey and take all the required levels and measurements using laser technology and Auto CAD to fabricate your bespoke project to be a millimetre perfect fit.

10 year guarantee

All of our products we produce are fully insured and are supported by a full 10 year guarantee.

Highest Quality Materials

We only use the highest certified marine grade 316L materials and will not jeopardise the quality of the materials we use to lower the costs of our fabrications.

Bespoke from start to finish

100% Stainless Ltd do not use the budget kit systems which slot and glue together. These systems are a far inferior product when placed side by side our bespoke fully fabricated and tig welded system which are designed to outlast others and offer an unlimited lifespan.

We’re Specialists

100% Stainless Ltd are fully qualified specialists in the fabrication, welding and finishing of marine grade 316L stainless steel.
All of our welders are fully certified, this is a legal requirement to undertake the manufacturer of Balconies Balustrades & Barriers.

We don’t use Mild Steel

We only fabricate with stainless steel and we do not undertake any mild steel fabrication work due to the high risk of cross contamination that mild steel has on stainless steel. This avoids any future problems that could occur once open to the elements.

Be aware of what your money is buying